Reading, Ritual & Reclamation

We'll begin by tapping into your desire and energetic field for a reading...this can be in person, by phone or online. The deck will be shuffled and cards will be chosen...I will open my field to channel the information thats resonant to you. Truths will be reveled...questions will be answered...more questions may be discovered.

Next, I will take this guidance and design a ritual just for you. There are many ways to engage in the ritual. If you are local, you can attend in person. If it's your wish...I can do the ritual alone, for you. If your desire is to be part of the ritual and we are separated by time and space, we can do it live online. So many ways to powerfully join energy these days.

Lastly, the third part of this offering is dependent on the first two pieces. It may be a coaching call or another reading. It could be reclaiming a part of yourself long forgotten...or reintegrating parts of your soulself in a whole new way...or a re-birthing process...this is the challenging part to put into words because I never know what will be discovered and how it desires to be worked with. I've given a few examples of whats happened in prior sessions as a jumping off place. This process requires deep trust and surrender and I feel it's my privilege and honor to hold you in this way. 

This package is $333 total and takes approximately 1 month to complete. 3 'meetings'...3 'services' service to you.

Call, text, or email for more information or to schedule your time.

In Gratitude and Service,

Nancy, The Orgasmic Witch