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The Orgasmic Witch

Show the World that YOU are an Orgasmic Witch too!!
Sterling and hand knotted agate Orgasmic Witch necklace drapped over a flourite candle hollder.
Sterling and hand knotted honey brown agate Orgasmic Witch pendant on paisley tapestry.
Sterling and hand knotted morganite Orgasmic Witch necklace on paisley tapestry.

Handmade necklaces of Stone, Sterling, & Silk Cord

Hand stamped and hand knotted

Says ORGASMIC on one side and WITCH on the other

Blessed by Orgasm~Made by GypsySoul

Comes in a variety of stones (email to find out current stock)

Shown above, from left to right, blue agate, honey brown agate & morganite

Prices vary depending on stone starting at $100

Orgasmic Witch fragrance and massage oils are coming soon...

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