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Hand of The Orgasmic Witch as she is shuffling the tarot deck.


Nancy  has designed these spreads to give the seeker the orgasmic experience they are looking for:
Hand of the Orgasmic Witch holding a 3 card reading.


3 Card Questions/Desire

Taking you deeper.  Ask a question or state a desire and choose 3 cards for guidance.


4 tarot card reading on brass tray with latern and crystal ball.
8 tarot cards in the stages of orgasm spread.

8 Card Stages of Orgasm

In the philosophy I've learned about Orgasm there are 8 distinct stages. Draw a card for each stage and see how it relates to YOU.


4 Card Guidance

Looking for guidance and not sure what to ask? Choose 4 cards for Enlightenment and see where the energy flows. Insights to yourself, your future and your love life.


9 tarot card spread for couples on brass tray.

9 Card for Couples

3 for one, 3 for the other and 3 for the third that you create together. What do each of you bring into the relationship and what is it that your energies combine to manifest?

12 tarot cards on brass tray in circle around crystal ball for Wheel of the Year reaing.
The hand of The Orgasmic Witch holding The Star tarot card for a card of the month reading.
Hand of the Orgasmic Witch holding 3 tarot cards for the Triple Goddess monthly reading.
The Orgasmic Witch sitting on her 'magic carpet' reading arot cards for the New and Full Moons.


12 Card Wheel of the Year

Taking you the furthest into your future. Choose 1 card for each month of the year to illuminate and guide YOU. As the Wheel of Life turns, so do the seasons within us all.


Card of the Month Subscription

Each month we connect and draw a card for guidance. This provides a deeper connection over a period of time.


3 Card Triple Goddess Subscription

Each month we'll draw 3 cards to illuminate aspects of the question/desire. You will be held in my limbic field each month as guidance arrives in resonance with YOU.


New Moon/Full Moon Subscription

Every 2 weeks we draw a new card for deeper understanding and guidance. You remain in my limbic system and are held and deep loving and support. As we grow in resonance, messages come into my consciousness often and I share them with YOU.  Enrollment is highly limited as this is a deep transmission of my Orgasm.


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