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How I Became the Orgasmic Witch Part 1of 3

I was born with a gift for seeing. At around 5 years old I would tell my family the colors and shapes that I saw around them. I would also have premonitions. By the time I was 7 I learned that the messages that I received from my family were a lot more frightening than the ones I received from Spirit. I learned not to talk about what I saw, felt and heard. In fact, the older I got, the more I tried to make them go away. Alcohol, food, sex, shopping, anything that would take my attention off what was trying to come through me. And I was successful at doing that for a long time. Occasionally I would read for a few friends and for a while, in my early 20's I read at events and parties. Whenever I channeled, I felt myself step aside, and someone else came through. I made sure that the seeker always asked any questions during the reading, because, when I came back into my body...I didn't remember anything that had been said.

From the age of 15 on, I read and studied Wicca. I've been a solitary practitioner most of my life and have also been in a few local covens. I've always felt that nature is my church and feel the closest to Spirit when I'm deep in the forest. Having said that, the other way I've felt connected to Spirit is through dance. For 23 years I studied, performed and taught Middle Eastern dance under the name Saahira Ruhi...Dancing the Divine. There is something about moving to music, completely entranced, that is so deeply connecting. I guess you can say I've always been a sensual being.

So, right about now, you're going yeah, yeah, what about the ORGASM?

Well, I've always been orgasmic. I remember climaxing at a young age, just hearing a sound, or feeling a breeze on my neck. It was yummy and disturbing, all at once. And it was also a topic not to be shared in my family. I've also found that in some sex, the connection to Spirit has been amazing.The world just stops, the separation of bodies melts away and I am all at once ONE with the universe. It's that state of flow where time and space cease to exist. It's orgasm.

A couple of years ago, after a long relationship and subsequent uncoupling, I found myself having lost my desire. I went to a class on Orgasmic Meditation and began the practice. The first few months. I drove into LA 3-5 times per week to OM. I felt mySelf coming back to me. It's been an amazing journey through some dark and rocky terrain and it's all been worth it. So I found my orgasm, I found my desire and I found out how much sensation I can truly hold.

Last December I spent the weekend with a couple of OM sisters. As I left for the desert I asked my belongings, who wants to come along, and my tarot cards called out. So I took them. I read for both friends and I noticed the sensations in my body as I read...totalTurn On and Orgasm!! It felt as though there was this giant opening and expansion of my consciousness and that my purpose was being revealed. I started making reading a practice. And I feel so good!

It no longer feels like I disappear as I'm reading. I feel my ego melt away and my own consciousness joins with the Divine. It's a different experience now. And I'm so grateful to have it. I love sharing my gifts and orgasm with the world!

Blessed Be!

Nancy~the Orgasmic Witch

Reading out in nature on my magic carpet!

#tarot #witch #orgasm #orgasmicmeditation #purpose

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