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Sexploration from a Turned On, Powerful Witch

You're never fully dressed without your orgasm.

Last night was amazing. I won't go into all the details.

Had a new daemon must have called him in because my mind kept saying NO! But my pussy kept saying SHUT THE FUCK UP! She won:)

There was this moment as he was exploring my pussy with his mouth and finger and he just felt so curious and yummy...looking, smelling, tasting, slowly, I kept giving adjustments in full love and approval, I just felt old stories, thoughts and judgements burning off and I felt myself opening more and more...deep spots being touched...he spoke occasionally as he noticed my wetness, warmth, and taste.

Then I felt this switch in him, like all his energy went into his head, his movements changed, it felt like this swift hard change in direction like he was possessed by a mission. I noticed and felt through it for a few minutes then asked him to stop b/c it was painful.

We were laying there and I talked to him about what I had experienced and the difference between climax and Orgasm. I told him how the first part had felt so vulnerable and revelatory and I said it felt like there had been a switch in him and that suddenly it felt like he was on a goal driven mission to make me squirt. He admitted that that was exactly what had happened. It felt so connecting to say the thing in real time. It also felt amazing that my intuition was right on stroke.

We had a really great night and I hope to see him again. My daemon desires his sex. Let's see if my mind can wrap around that:)

If you want to learn how to speak your truth during sex and to get the sex you me.

No Shame in this Game.

Blessed Be!

The Orgasmic Witch

#Feminine #Desire #orgasm #Masculine #Intuition #Climax

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