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Beltane is Coming! Celebrate Sacred Sexuality

Beltane is coming. Can you feel it in the air? Do you hear a calling, whispered in the breeze?

May Eve is a fire celebration. Bonfires were lit to encourage the suns support in nurturing the emerging harvest and to protect the land, animals and people. Animals were walked through the bonfire’s smoke as a way to protect them. People jumped the fires to cleanse themselves, gain protection and as part of the fertility rite.

It is also a celebration of abundance and fertility on all levels of consciousness. The dance around the Maypole symbolizes the Sacred Union. It is the Union of Goddess and God, The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within. It honors all life. Everything is sacred.

We celebrate our sexual and sensual selves. Rituals of creativity, passion, vibrant well-being, love and joy are engaged in.

It’s the peak of Spring and the beginning of Summer. The Maiden is ripe and radiant and becomes pregnant with all possibilities.

What do you wish to bring about in abundance?

I am offering readings April 23rd-30th to delve into your abundant future. I am a channel of the Divine Feminine. What does She have offer? My readings often include guidance, coaching and rituals created just for you.

Book by phone or email.

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