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Turn On, Power and Surrender

Image of my thighs under a black lace skirt.

I've been spending some time alone lately and after a while I notice that I'm not feeling very turned on. And my next thought immediately goes to...I really need to find someone to turn me on. Now that's a very old pattern I'm dealing with...I need to find the person, situation, food, purchase, job, belief system, etc. to make me feel sexy, turned on, loved, safe, secure, worthy, orgasmic...*insert desired feeling here*

Why would I choose to look outside mySelf for that and turn my power over to someone else?

I was in a women's group a couple of months ago and I was feeling so deep into the down...sobbing about how I was still 'in love' with my ex-wife and how I'd never felt that loved and accepted by anyone in my entire life. The group leader asked "why are you putting her as the face of your orgasm?" , and I was baffled. I couldn't understand what the question even meant. I just sat with it for weeks afterwards. Eventually, as I allowed space for my soul and ego to converse, I started to see that my ex was just mirroring back to me that place of love and acceptance that I had found within. It wasn't coming from her. She was reflecting my own loving, approval, worthiness back to me. And in that moment I was able to release her. I'm crying now, just writing this because now I am able to love her in that same way. Our friendship has deepened. I no longer sit and wish for things to be different.

So, what does this have to do with my gifts? Well, when I read the Tarot, I have a choice. I can read from my mind, memorizing what each card 'means' and then offering that info back to the client. I can read from a place of intuition, look at the symbology, colors, shapes and patterns, and feel into the cards and person and give them my impression. Or I can 'step to the left', surrender, become an open vessel for spirit, who I choose to call the Dark Divine Feminine, and let the messages flow through me. Usually I dance between all three...

Today I'm starting a secret Facebook group. And I'm so turned on about it! It's going to be super orgasmic, fun, revelatory and intimate and I'm inviting you to join. Please read the following description, and let me know if you're in be responding, Hell Yes! Description: Regularly I'll be posting an intuitive reading that I will channel from the Dark Divine Feminine. Each member of the group determines what the message is because it's your desire for exquisite attention, focus and clarity, love and approval that calls my soul to serve. Are you in?!?

Please copy this link and paste it into your browser to join:

In Service and Gratitude,

Nancy~the Orgasmic Witch

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