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How Daily Practices Bring More Magic Into Life

What's your desire? What do you want more of in your life? How can you create it? These are questions I ask my clients and myself every day. Sometimes the answers comes flooding out like a wild river and other times, when we've been distracted by life or pushed our own desires aside, they barely trickle out.

Having a daily practice of writing in a desire journal can be a fun and engaging way to excavate our desires and then to keep them alive. Set aside 10 minutes daily at a time that works well for you and just begin the practice of stating your desires. Just let them flow, without thought or judgement. You're not committing to going after any of them. Just write them down and let them live in you awareness. We're just seeding the soil here. Nothing more. Just the pure pleasure of the self revelation of our own desire.

In grad school I became aware of a desire that I had to see more beauty in my world. I also had a desire to write and I didn't want it to take up a lot of my time. I was familiar with the Japanese poetic form Haiku. And was drawn to it's complex simplicity. It's a 17 syllable poem with the first and last line each having 5 syllables and the 2nd line having 7. I designed a practice of writing 3 haiku poems daily. At first I found it challenging as I really had to look around to find something I, my mind, thought was beautiful. After only a few days I began noticing the beauty in a shadow on the wall or a pattern or texture on a pillow. I started seeing beauty in everything. I also noticed the pattern of syllables and the rhythm of sounds around me. I was receiving exactly what I had desired and so much more. I found myself feeling a deep connection with my world all around and within me.

The last practice I want to offer is the practice of gratitude. My daughter and I have a bedtime practice nightly where we state 3 gratitudes:

One thing I appreciate about you is....

One thing I appreciate about myself is....

One thing I'm grateful to Spirit for is...

This also helps us to connect with ourselves, each other and Spirit. Having a daily practice where we focus our attention on what is, and not on what isn't, can shift our perception in the direction of abundance.

If you'd like to connect more, join my new closed group on Facebook,. We're just getting started and we'd love to feel you there.

In Gratitude and Service

Blessed Be!

The Orgasmic Witch

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