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Being Playful...

Life doesn't always have to be so serious. Sometimes we find the deepest connection in play. Our guards are down, our spirits soar and the only goal is to feel.

I remember back when I was a therapist. Some of the most meaningful conversations/connections with my clients were when we were playing cards, making art or dancing. Because we felt this sense of freedom. We weren't 'in therapy'. It was through this heartfelt connection that we built trust with ourselves and each other. We could just be.

Today let's just have fun...maybe this will feel silly and joyful and maybe it will invite us into deeper connection and maybe it will do all that and more. Let's invite the magic in. So here's the game...I already started it in my closed group and now I want to offer it here.

What is your Connection Superpower? Claim it here for us all to witness. Now...step 2...Picture yourself as a would these superpowers manifest?

I'll give an example: My Connection Superpowers are my vulnerability, curiousity, trust, loving and desire. Hmmm...So on my chest would be an image of a heart(loving) that opened or expanded ever time I was in connection with someone(vulnerability). I'd have a veil of truth that I could wrap around each person that would allow them to reveal their inner truth(curiousity). I'd have a sword that could cut away all self created illusion(trust). And I'd carry a compass that always pointed me in the direction of my desire. And, of course, I could use my long witchy hair to ensnare an opponents until I could melt them with my loving.

Tell me about you...

Blessed Be!

If you want to play more deeply..join my closed group at... The Orgasmic Witch Channel

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