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Transformational Storytelling and Sexpert Talks/Presentations

Whether speaking one on one or to a room full of people, listeners receive the deepest transmission of truth and orgasm. No topic is too taboo or sacred to be openly discussed with deep care and often, glee. Every person deserves to be seen and heard and I delight in bringing not only my truth, but theirs, into the light.

Recently I spoke with a group of 60 community college students about the topic of Sexual Exploration. It was amazing to me the wide range of experience in the crowd. We delved into deep waters and I could feel their excitement, anxiety, willingness, hesitation, relaxation, and self approval as I told stories to bring about understanding, acceptance, approval and curiosity. What a fun ride it was. After the talk I had a long line of people wanting to talk one on one. They varied from a sex worker who was grateful for my approval and compassion, to a rape crisis worker who was interested in my experience of going from trauma survivor(still identifying as a victim) to a trauma experiencer(taking learning from the experience and growing). Needless to say the talk was well received and we are currently discussing my next presentation!

I have lived experience and education with the following topics: 

Building Connection

Sexuality  and Sexual Identity

Sexual Exporation

Dating and Relationships



Near Death Experiences



Finding Purpose

Being an Artist

Body Shame Healing

Early Childhood Trauma

Mental Illness

Single Parenting




Eating Disorders


Unplanned Pregnancy

Chronic Illness


Domestic Violence



Killing Our Desire

Societal/Parental Conditioning

The Crucible of Chaos

Goddess Archetypes

Letting Go

From Fear to Freedom

Intentional Communities

Legacy Building

Healing the Mother Wound

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